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Are you ready for the arrival of national digital currencies? Governments are due to start a new era - introducing digital money and eliminating cash. Banks and FinTech are not ready for CBDCs. With Fluency you'll be able to hold all – cash, CBDC and BTC.

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Blockchain-based Current Account Innovation

In cash, CBDC and BTC

Instant & Low Cost

Instant transactions in cash, BTC and CBDC. Fund your account instantly and for free by card, by bank transfer, or by crypto.


Send, receive, or pay friends and family instantly, locally and across the globe. Multi-currency, any currency.

Cashless payments via smartphones

Our innovative blockchain-based banking platform replaces much of the backbone of traditional banking and is powered by your smartphone. Payments by scanning a QR code or using virtual cards.


We enable instant P2P transfers with no need for a separate bank account or a physical card. P2P contactless payments & crypto transfers via our mobile app - QR Code or Barcodes.

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Why Now?

Central banks warm to issuing digital currencies

Central banks across the world have quickened the pace with which they are looking at issuing their own digital currencies, also known as CBDCs. 

Traditional banks and fintech companies are currently unable to process crypto and they not ready for the digital currencies arrival.

One in 10 central banks surveyed by the Bank of International Settlements in 2019 says it is likely to roll out digital currencies within three years.

Superior security

We ensure strict governance and compliance. Fully compliant platform passed AMLD5 and PSD2 regulations. Highest level of security - biometrics, extensive channel encryption.

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