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The world’s first crypto bank. Borderless. Smooth.

Fluency is a global, multicurrency bank & crypto exchange, all in one app.

Instant sign up. Low fees. Buy and sell crypto like normal currency. Simple... like it should be!

  • Why is buying cryptocurrency so complicated?

  • And why are the fees so high?

  • Wasn’t crypto supposed to make money better?

have signed up for the future of crypto - are you with us?

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Buy and sell cryptocurrency. For free. Instantly.

  • Instant, free exchange between crypto and fiat currencies up to £5,000.
  • Use crypto the same way you use traditional money, when and where you need it.
  • No uploading bank statements. No waiting. No small print.

Multi-currency banking in your pocket.

Oh...did we mention, we also do global, hassle-free banking?

  • Send and receive payments in 25 major currencies.
  • Flexibility, transparency and Swiss-engineered security.
  • One multicurrency crypto-backed debit card for all operations

  • Freeze and unfreeze your card when needed

One card to rule them all.

One card in your wallet meets all your financial needs.

  • Multi-currency fiat and crypto.
  • Everything is at your fingertips with Fluency’s NFC mobile banking app and a single contactless crypto debit card.
  • You can even pay for stuff instantly in Bitcoin if you want to.

Goodbye Crypto Exchange. Hello Fluency!

We’ve taken all the things that were troubling about buying crypto, and got rid of them. At the moment, you can buy BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP and LTC.

Instant conversion

Conversion from crypto to fiat currency takes seconds, not days.

Low fees

Buy & sell up to £5,000 per month crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto for free. Then it’s 1.49%.

You won’t find cheaper anywhere else.

Secure storage

Did you know most exchanges store your crypto on the cloud?

The cloud can get hacked. We store your crypto like a bank.

Swiss banking hardware security.

We store your cryptocurrencies in dedicated hardware security modules developed by a global market leader in cyber security and encryption. Our partner serves more than half of the tier-1 banks worldwide.

  • The modules are located under 1,000 metres of granite in a heavily guarded bunker in Switzerland.

  • No third party access. Now that’s secure.

We care about your data.

Still not convinced? Glad to see you care about the important stuff. We take special care to ensure your privacy and security.

Multi-factor authentication

We ensure your money is protected with multi-factor authentication, helping you make online payments safely. Use one-time passwords sent via SMS to authenticate online purchases.

Infrastructure security

We work with Cloudflare as an anti-DDoS security layer. Our software security walls – firewall, secure gateway and authentication gateway – are responsible for authorising and verifying each request. Authorisation is based on secure tokens which expire after a short period of time and need to be refreshed by a new authenticated request.

On a system level, our servers utilise fully encrypted hard disks with multiple password layers so data security is preserved even if our hardware is seized.

SSL Security

Our SSL certificate authority is also Cloudflare. To allow extremely security-conscious users to further verify that they are in fact connecting to our server, we have also released the SHA1 and SHA-256 hash for our SSL public key.

Face and touch ID

Our mobile app can be protected by password, PIN, biometrics or face ID – whatever security you prefer, we’ve got you covered.